My Creativity is what keeps me active!

from planning playlists for peoples parties and radio shows, today's DJ's have to be extra creative to bring something unique to the table, this creativity overflows from me into my Photoshop flyer and poster designing, website creation and into my hobby of Computer programming and general design.

Helping you upgrade

If you have a stack of VHS tapes filled with memories of family holidays, parties or just general get togethers then its time you upgrade them to DVD or memory stick. I can provide a cost effective way of converting your tapes that will make it easy to transform your memories to the big screen TV’s we have today. ¬†Contact me for more details.

If you are selling something, why not have more than a stone silent social media advert, why not get Marty to produce an ear pricking vocal advert for you, Here are some examples of his work…

Go further

why not add a bit of jazziness to your videos with names of people in the video on opening titles..?.

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Martydee does
web design

Need a website, to sell your product or to promote you or your band? 
Martydee can show you how easy and cost effective it can be to edit yourself or use a web designer to do it all for you ..

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