About Marty;

Welcome to the website of Marty Dee Donovan. Marty was born, William Martin Donovan back in 1967 to parents Andy & Helen. He has six siblings. In 1988 Marty’s son David James (DJ) was born. Marty began DJ’ing at the age of 14, helping out with his dad, then progressing through the 80’s with its Electronic/Punk and smooth Soul forging the foundation of Marty’s DJ DNA. Then came the 90’s, the Ibiza scene was massive in London, at the time Marty was DJ’ing clubs in the West End like Steamers, Madame Jo Jo’s, The 10 Rooms, Cheers Bar, The Long Island Tea Bar and Tiger Tiger just to name a few, then from 2000 to 2008 at The Venue in New Cross, then taking time in club management then onto pitching a Radio Station to Haven Holidays and spending 9 years with Haven and now running Medway Sound in Kent.

Djing on a Friday and Saturday with literally 10 weeks off in the last 28 years, Marty also spent time in radio, from the Pirate years of the 80’s, to getting ‘busted’ and being sent to Hospital Radio, then onto a short time at capital, then various community/freelance work over the years.

Marty was also a night club bouncer in the days he wasn’t DJ’ing spending a little over 27 years on the doors of most of the clubs he also DJ’d in.

It goes without saying, Marty enjoys the club industry and the radio industry. These days Marty finds himself voicing scripts and working on his daily UK based radio show on Medway Sound (www.MedwaySound.uk).

Broadcasting Mon – Fri from 3pm to 7pm

Post Lockdown 2021

Since the rules have been eased off in the UK, it’s time for the night time industry to pick itself up and get back to normality again. With this in mind you can find Marty at the weekends DJ’ing his Retro Disco show at the George Staples in Sidcup, Kent.